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A very rare gorgeous vintage nightgown from Olga's “Designer Collection” in a pink shade called Southern Beauty.   A spectacular rare style with the gold and white metallic embroidered label in this vintage Olga nightgown.

    The gold embroidered label as well as the gold and white embroidered  “Designer Collection” label are the most unique and  rarest of the Olga nightgowns and are rarely seen.  Fortunately, I have four of the designer nightgowns, two in pink, one in Pale Lavender and one in white called Wedding Day with the gold embroidered label.

    It is extremely rare to find a gown from the “Designer Collection” but I was fortunate to find four of them over the years and two in pink which is a real plus since it seems to be everyone's’ favorite color. 

    This gown is in a lovely shade of pink called Southern Beauty.  There are beautiful strips of sheer white lace inserted into a spandex bodice.  The lace strips come to a point on the bodice and  waist.  The very feminine lace straps travel down onto the bodice and  join the top strip of chevron lace.  Springy spandex bodice and  back for a fabulous fit that will pull up and out as Olga gowns are known to do.

    Tons and tons of slinky nylon to wrap around your legs on a cool evening with the a/c running.  150” or 12-1/2 feet of luscious silky creamy nylon swirling around your legs when you walk.  Rare matching scalloped white lace around the hemline which looks so delicate and feminine with all the lace frosting the hemline/

    Just a beautiful vintage rare spandex lace Olga nightgown from Olga's  “Designer Collection” in Southern Beauty.

    By: Olga's “Designer Collection” with the gold metallic woven label
    Style: 92086
    Size: Small and should fit a medium as well but go by the measurements for a good fit
    Bust: 32 - 42 stretched tight
    Waist: 20 - 37 stretched tight
    Length: 56-1/3
    Fabric: Nylon
    Care: Washable
    Condition: Very good - the former owner reinforced the stitching at the top of the straps - one was done in a darker pink thread but could be taken out & redone with a paler pink if you wanted - I would leave it alone as no one would notice it.


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    Care Instructions

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    Vintage nightgowns & peignoirs may be delicate so I do not wash them in the machine. I wash them in lukewarm water with Woolite or some other mild soap, then rinse & hang dripping wet in the shower.

    Since these are vintage items, a bit of extra care needs to be taken with them so they remain beautiful & I definitely would never put a vintage nightgown or a peignoir in the dryer as it would ruin it.

    The items are sold as we find them. We do not dry clean, launder, alter or repair vintage clothing and they should be cleaned or washed upon arrival. Please make your selection carefully & check the measurements as there is no return on clothing or other items.



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