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A gorgeous vintage very rare Pedro Rodriguez Couture Internationale double nylon one-shoulder goddess peignoir and nightgown set in Heavenly Blue.

The following paragraph on Couture Designer Pedro Rodriguez is from the Vintage Fashion Guild site and my thanks to them:

"Pedro Rodriguez was from Spain and at age 10 became apprenticed to a tailor. While still a teenager, he was designing on his own, forming his couture house in 1923. His work became very popular after a showing at the Barcelona Fair in 1929. He was especially known for his beaded evening gowns. Rodriguez had salons and boutiques in many major Spanish cities and resort towns."

Somewhere in the last few years, I was doing research on Pedro Rodriguez as I had just purchased the pink Grecian set like this one and wanted to get some information on him. He was born in 1895 and lived until 1990. He opened his first haute couture salon in 1917 and worked and designed until he was 83 years old

When researching information about him on the internet, it said that Pedro Rodriguez was an immensely popular designer and due to his popularity, he had the option of selling and designing clothes for only the wealthy people that he liked. Many of them were wealthy Americans in the '50s that were visiting in Spain that loved his couture designs. if he did not like you, he would not sell or design for you. He was also very good friends with Ballenciaga it has been said.

In August 2010, I remember looking at another vintage clothing website who had one of his evening gowns and coat ensemble for sale for $25,000! So this set is a real bargain and you could not get anything close to this exquisite and rare at Bergdorf Goodman’s or Neiman Marcus as I have shopped at both of those stores plus they just don’t make sets like this any more.

Gorgeous as well as very rare vintage 50's / 60’s Couture Internationale designed by Pedro Rodriguez Grecian goddess one-shoulder silky nylon Tricot peignoir and nightgown set in Heavenly Blue. This is a very rare set and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am not in a hurry to sell this as there are very few of these around and I also have the identical set in pink which I will put on this site shortly.

Both the peignoir and the nightgown are the same design. The one layer nylon peignoir is out of tons and tons of nylon. Both the peignoir and the nightgown have heavy double faced wide blue satin trim which goes from under one arm, over the bust line and travels up to one shoulder where there is a huge satin bow. Both bows are pinned on as they always did with decorative items on vintage nightgowns so they can be removed when the gown is laundered.

The peignoir has a wide 3-¼” blue satin hem. - the gown does not - the nightgown is out of double nylon with a sheer layer of nylon over slinky nylon. - the circumference of the peignoir is 330” or nearly 27-½ feet of voluminous swirling nylon Tricot floating around you!

The peignoir fastens with a satin covered button under one arm. Handy loops inside the nightgown and peignoir so they will able to be hung up on a hanger and not slip off. The nightgown slips over one’s head. The circumference of the nightgown is 186” or 15-½ feet of swirling double nylon.

The set is very heavy from all the gorgeous vintage nylon and satin! If you are familiar with the Claire Sandra by Lucie Ann pom pom sets and how heavy they are, this is the same type of substantial weight.

Just an absolutely gorgeous vintage stunning peignoir and nightgown set by the couture designer Pedro Rodriguez Couture Internationale in Heavenly Blue.

By: Couture Internationale designed by Pedro Rodriguez

Size: 34 & will fit many sizes. I am a size 10 and it fit me and will definitely fit a smaller size and a somewhat larger size as well but go by the measurements for a good fit
Bust: 52 all the way around
Armhole: 18-½” & can be made larger by splitting the seam under the arm and re-hemming it - easy to do
Length: from where the bow is on the shoulder 54
Condition: Very good - a few tiny picks which get lost in the voluminous nylon - button hole under the arm has ripped a bit but a few stitches will pull it closed again - easy fix - a tiny ¼” slit and a double pinhead hole near the hem which no one would see with all tons of nylon and two tiny spots of soiling near the hem which should come out and you can’t see them anyhow - I only saw it because I had held it up to the light and was closely examining the peignoir - satin trim needs a steaming as the set was folded but do not use an iron on the set as you will ruin it

Size: 34 and will fit many sizes - I am a size 10 and it fit me and will definitely fit a smaller size and a somewhat larger size as well but go by the measurements for a good fit
Bust: 37 - 42 stretched tight
Length: From the bow is on the shoulder 53-3/4
Condition: Very good - a bit of soiling on the underside of the strap which no one could see - a 1/3” slit in the nylon which can be pulled together with a couple of stitches and a double pinhead hole a few inches from the hemline which no one could see because it is so far down which falls into the folds - a few picks which no one would ever see because of the voluminous nylon
Fabric: Nylon Tricot
Care: I would hand wash drip dry - do not put in the washer or dryer - I would also not take it to the dry cleaners as most dry cleaners do not know how to care for vintage peignoir and nightgowns sets.


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