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A lovely vintage late ‘60s / early ’70s quilted robe made in Hong Kong in a shade called Coral Reef.

I remember when I was growing up that I wanted one of these expensive quilted robes from Hong Kong but there was just no way that it was possible.  I now have a very large collection of these in various gorgeous colors and am selling my collection for someone else to enjoy them.

These wonderful robes are the ideal robe to wear when you want to look glamorous for a special evening at home or entertaining someone.

Although these fabulous robes are quilted, they are lightweight and will keep you warm without a lot of extra weight plus most of them are washable and come out of the washer and dryer looking beautiful.

These quilted robes from Hong Kong have stood the test of time and are as beautiful now as they were when they were made. Most of them look as though they have never been worn.  This gorgeous robe is in very good condition after all of these years. They are just exquisite vintage quilted robes.

What is so great about these vintage quilted robes from Hong Kong is that each of them has a different theme design  This one has a blossom and swirl design.  Some have koi fish, paisley, leaves and buds, sea horses, others have chrysanthemums, roses or other types of flowers, etc. - each one is different.

This vintage robe from Hong Kong is in a fabric that is smooth and expensive as the robe was when it was new. There is a small Mandarin collar composed of heavier intricate quilting which is also down the front of the robe and the ends of the sleeves and especially the bottom of the robe. This is the first time that I have seen 4 rows of intricate quilting at the bottom of a robe and it is so pretty. The robe has 7 cloth love knot buttons for closure with a covered snap at the top.

There is more beautiful quilting over the entire robe along with a silky coral lining.  The inside of these robes are finished with beautiful workmanship and have no exposed seams and are as beautiful as the outside of the robe

The entire robe is quilted with blossoms and swirls. Matching piping around the neckline, ends of the sleeves and down the entire length of the front of the robe.  Pockets in the side seams with more coral piping. 

Just a lovely vintage robe made in Hong Kong adorned with blossoms and swirls in Coral Reef.

By: No tag - Made in Hong Kong
Size: Small - I wear a size 10 & it was too small for me so go by the measurements for a good fit
Appx Measurements - The measurements are of the robe - not your figure.  You must be a few inches smaller than the measurements shown.
Bust:  39
Shoulder to shoulder:  15
Sleeve from neck:  24
Waist: 36
Hips: 40 but leave some room for movement
Length: 52
Fabric: No tag but maybe a rayon - I a not sure
Care: No tag
Condition: Very good - some pinheads dots of soiling on the INSIDE lining and some small soiling around the collar area on the robe and button areas but I am sure you want to have the robe cleaned before you wear it so that should take care of it. A pinhead spot of color loss on the intricate quilting on the placket down the front.  You really have to look to see it and no one is going to notice something that minute.

Care Instructions

 We examine each item carefully and note any imperfections, but unless an item is said to be new, please don't expect it to be perfect & even some new items have small imperfections. I will always state in the description if there are any imperfections & I never do repairs but leave them to others who are better able to do them than me as that is not my expertise.

 Please remember that unless specified all items have been used and will show varying signs of use or wear. We always list the obvious imperfections to the best of our abilities. However, some slight imperfections that will not show or affect wearing or using the item may slip by or not be considered worth mentioning.

Vintage nightgowns & peignoirs may be delicate so I do not wash them in the machine. I wash them in lukewarm water with Woolite or some other mild soap, then rinse & hang dripping wet in the shower.

Since these are vintage items, a bit of extra care needs to be taken with them so they remain beautiful & I definitely would never put a vintage nightgown or a peignoir in the dryer as it would ruin it.

The items are sold as we find them. We do not dry clean, launder, alter or repair vintage clothing and they should be cleaned or washed upon arrival. Please make your selection carefully & check the measurements as there is no return on clothing or other items.


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