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In 2010, Homer Laughlin Fiesta announced that they were producing a new licensed product of candles manufactured by The Jay Companies.  They would coordinate with the dinnerware that is manufactured by the Homer Laughlin Fiesta company and it is made in the U.S.A.

This is lightly used ONE TIME 8 oz. candle is in a fairly heavy glass jar.  Although I used it for a short time one night, the Homer Laughlin Fiesta Company says that there is 40-45 hours of burn time so the majority of the burn time is still left and you will have it for the majority of the hours. The scent is Island Pineapple with a natural smelling scent but not overpowering.  4-1/8" high and 3" diameter.

It is packaged in a keepsake Fiesta black satin lined box with the Dancing Lady logo and the various Fiesta colored stripes on the box.  It originally came with a metal lid but it disappeared during my last move from Phoenix to Georgia.  If I come across the lid before it is sold, I will add it to the candle.

It would look great with Fiesta dishes for dinner as well as the Fiesta Juniper goblets and turquoise pitcher shown in the last photo which is in another listing! (Pitcher & glasses not included for sale in this listing. They are listed in another listing.)

Never leave burning candles unattended, in a draft, if children or pets are present, in an unventilated area, around curtains or flammable items or in an unappropriate container.

I also have other Genuine Licensed Fiesta candles for sale in other listings.

Check back soon for more Fiesta items that I will be listing in the next few days - Candles, teapot, dinnerware, salad servers, vase, napkins and more!


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