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A gorgeous color of Pink Buttercream in this vintage Vassarette nightgown.

 The gown is double nylon with a panel floating over the front & another over the back.  There is a huge bow in front which could also be used for a tie at the waist or on the shoulder.  I pinned it with a pin as it is very heavy but it would probably be better to tack it down with a few stitches to make it permanent. 

If you are familiar with the slinky smooth silk fabric that the vintage lingerie designer John Lloss used to use in his vintage Grecian goddess nightgowns, you are going to love this gown. This fabric is the same type of fluid slinky smooth fabric which will be pure luxury against your skin.  Tiny, tiny straps make it so feminine.

Just a gorgeous vintage nightgown by Vassarette in Pink Buttercream.

By: Vassarette - a division of Munsingwear
Size: Small but will fit a medium as well but go by the measurements for a good fit
Bust: 37 - 43 stretched tight
Length: extra long 56
Fabric: 100% nylon “Polyamid“ - fabulous smooth fluid fabric
Care: Washable
Condition: Very good - a spot under where the bow is but the bow should hide it especially if you secure it with a tiny gold pink - small dark spot closer to the hemline about 1/2 an eraser size with a tiny pinhead hole next to it - would not be noticable at night since it is so far down.

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