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A gorgeous hostess lounging gown or nightgown by van raalte

The color are the colors that are simply stunning & remind me of the colors that made emilio pucci famous - same colors in hot pink, purple, orchid & turquoise - the fabric is like a silky rayon - the mod floral design is spectacular - there is a split up the front so you can see the black silky pants under it - a coordinating border print in the same colors but with a different design frames the opening in front as well as the ends of the sleeves

The pants are not original but have been added to complete the outfit as to what it used to look like when new - crisp folds in the sleeves of the hostess gown - probably was not worn much by the former owner - long back zipper

Just a gorgeous vintage hostess gown in fabulous colors by van raalte plus black pants perfect for lounging around the house or entertaining
Hostess gown

By: by at home wear for van raalte
Size: vintage size 14 but go by the measurements for a perfect fit
Fabric: no tag but like a silky rayon fabric
Approximate measurements:
Bust: 40
Waist: 36
Length: extra long 55-1/2
By: no tag
Size: small
Fabric: poly satin
Condition: very good - hostess gown has some fading under the arms which no one will notice as you will not be walking around with your arms up in the air - some loss of color or fading on the gown but the gown is so colorful that i did not notice it until i started examining it or no one else will either especially at night (some shown in closeup photo of back)
Care: i would hand wash both or dry clean hostess gown

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