$ 69.99

I bought this really cute vintage '80s gold tone bow pin with 7 add on pins for the various holidays. I worked in an office at that time and it was fun to add the holiday pin to the bow when that specific holiday arose.  Everyone at work loved it!

The set is by Phister Enterprises and the charms are enameled except for the gold turkey which is very nicely textured to show all of his feathers. The gold bow measures 2" across and 1-1/8" wide at the widest point. The largest charm is the Thanksgiving pumpkin which is 1-1/3" across & 1" high. The pumpkin can be used for Halloween as well as Thanksgiving if you did not want to use the turkey. The turkey measures 1-1/4" high & 7/8" across. The smallest charm is the 4-leaf clover shamrock which measures including the loop 1" high & a fraction over 5/8" wide.

My favorite charm was the brilliant almost sparkly Valentine's heart with the arrow as well as the cuet chubby Santa Claus with his bag of presents. I also love the Easter bunny with the pink rhinestone eyes.

All of the charms are stamped "Phister Ent." on the back of them and they are just in as good condition when I bought them 35 years ago and just as adorable!


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