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I have always had a special place in my heart for elephants so when I saw this adorable vintage lamp at an antique store just recently, I could not pass it up.

Two baby elephants are sitting upright holding the lamps with shades with their tusks wrapped around them on top of an ornate black base.

The shades are in a soft neutral color which will go well with all decors.  I love the shape of the shades which are elongated bell style.  Tiny goldish green beads hand from the rim. I do not know if these shades were original to the lamp but they are perfect with it and could be replaced if you need another color for your decor.  There is a bit of an Asian flair to the decorative base of the lamp as well as the rounded scrolled corners.

The lamp is extremely heavy weighing 10.79 lbs - almost 11 pounds and that is not including a box and packing material.  I am not sure what the lamp and base are made out of but whatever it is is very hefty.  The owner was not in the shop so I could not ask him the age of the lamp nor what the material of the lamp was made of.

The lamp shade is a spider fitter with a dark knob finial.  Some double pinheads of dark paint missing on the finial but easily touched up or a sharpy pen.  The measurements of the shade are:

Shade: 8" high, bottom width is 6-1/2" and across the top 3-3/4"

Lamp:  Length across the bottom 9-1/2", top to bottom height 23-1/2" and the wide measured across the side depth is 5-1/2".

The antique store said the lamp had been rewired and the wires capped at the bottom which can be seen in the photo.  There is a switch on the cord to turn the lamp off and on as well as the switches on the individual lamps if you want to do it that way.  The lamp takes a 40 watt bulb or less under each shade.

My photos were taken on an entry way buffet but it would also be perfect in a bedroom, kitchen hutch or study.  It would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves elephants.

Just adorable and it will add so much charm to a room on a shelf or to your entry way!


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